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The First Israeli NFT Gallery

Amir Chodorov   is a photographer who has his very own Trademark (TM) – “Wholeness Photography”, unique style and method. By taking multiple pictures of the same view (sometimes up to 1,000 pieces), the creation then undergoes a unique method of collaging, creating an accurate image of a bigger view like it was never seen before."The interpretation of the term “Wholeness” in the vocabulary of the artist Amir Chodorov, is linked to a different and additional aspect of his artistic creation. He is looking for the misunderstood and the unknown and in spite of the photographed elements which are known and familiar to us, the artist raises questions whether the photographed location is indeed familiar to us. Chodorov is true to himself as an artist and trusts the unique path he has taken. He uses his camera as extension to his brain, on his way to achieve originality and uniqueness".

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