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The First Israeli NFT Gallery

Tamir Shefer Tamir's art is characterized by its provocative nature, aiming to engage the viewer in critical reflection on societal issues. Through the integration of familiar symbols in mixed media, Tamir creates dense, colorful artworks full of symbolism and imagery. These symbols, drawn from everyday life, serve as vehicles for conveying messages about contemporary society, often prompting viewers to ponder deeper questions. Tamir's repetitive use of these symbols imbues his work with a meditative quality, inviting viewers to engage in introspection and reflection akin to ritualistic practices. His artwork has garnered attention worldwide, being featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in prestigious galleries and museums as well as urban cities around the world. Tamir divides his time between creating in his studio in Jaffa and educating students in the Department of Visual Communication and Design, with his role as a professor at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) in Israel. OpenSea

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