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The First Israeli NFT Gallery

Nini Alfasa Born in 1980, in Beit She’an, Israel. Graduated fromBezalel Academy of Arts and Design, his works became very quickly a prominent voice in the Israeli art scene. Nini’s life and view of the world has been shaped by his ethnically diverse birth place, at which he bore first hand witness to events of historical importance, civil and ethnic wars, and urban riots. These experiences drove him to the edges of the world in search of spirituality and peace, digging deeper into the rabbit hole of the human psyche. He comes face to face with the complexity of the human condition and desires, and the random events by which it is fashioned. His commanding need for self-expression leads him to focus on the rainbow of human emotions and desires which strike a chord with all. He delivers energetic paintings, conjures calm and chaos coherently and aesthetically as explosions of color evoke associations of dance around the canvas.

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